Your own restaurant loyalty program. Automatically thinking,
communicating and rewarding your customers…
All day. Every day.

With Loyalty3, your restaurant rewards program will automatically:

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Bring your customers back

Loyalty3 tracks your customers' activity and triggers automatic, personalized messages aimed at bringing them back more often:
· “We miss you”
· “Ready to redeem”
· “2nd visit in a month”
· Birthday / Anniversary
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Redeem “paperless” rewards

Every reward granted is available for redemption on your POS system. Your store team is notified when a customer has available rewards, eliminating the need to print coupons.
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Track incremental sales & ROI

Every time you communicate with your customers, Loyalty3 tracks not just how many messages were opened but also, the actual number of buyers and the incremental sales generated from each rewards campaign.
General Program Strategy and Design
Automated CRM
Automated Communications (Email / Mobile push)
Automated Rewards
Mobile App & Program Website
Sales & ROI Monitor
Executive Dashboard
Restaurants Integrates with your POS System
Table Service / Quick Service
Instant guest Info at POS
Paperless Reward Redemption
In-store Training
Multi-store / Multi-concept
Mobile App Get your phone scanned at store and get rewarded (QS)
Scan your receipt and get rewarded (TS)
My Rewards, Specials, Menu, Store locator, Satisfaction survey
Communication Massive / Segmented Email Campaigns
Massive / Segmented Push Notification Campaigns
Message Personalization
Campaign Monitor – Actual sales & ROI generated by campaign
Other Automated Reports & Analytics
Quarterly Performance Reviews
Gift Cards
Summary All-in-one. Simple and Easy

As restaurant loyalty specialists, Loyalty3 is always by your side.
From design and implementation of your restaurant loyalty program, to team-training and deployment.