Our customer loyalty program pay for themselves...

Loyalty3 boost your revenues by focusing on customers you already have.
Our loyalty programs typically deliver profits equivalent to 2-3 times your investment... in just 12 months.

5  %
Up to 5% increase in sales in just 6 months.
50  %
Up to 50% increase in customer satisfaction in just 7 months.
70  %
Up to 70% increase in customer spending in just 8 months.
120  %
Up to 120% increase in customer spending when redeeming rewards

Customer Loyalty Program Success Stories

Restaurant Loyalty App
Krispy Kreme Rewards
In less than a year:
  • 33% conversion (purchase) rate from personalized loyalty campaigns – UK
  • Members’ average purchase was 32% higher than non-members’ – Mexico
  • Participating stores sales grew 11 percent points above comparable stores – Philippines
Restaurant Rewards Software
Pluckers Club
In just 90 days:
  • 18% increase in average spending per visit among program members.
  • Members targeted with loyalty campaigns spent 34% more than the average customer.
Rewards App for Restaurants
Texadelphia Nation
12 months after launch:
  • Members’ average check was 24% higher than non-members’.
  • 26% conversion (purchase) rate from email marketing campaign.

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financial performance
using Loyalty3 industry benchmark and proprietary model

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Actual performance may be higher or lower than the results showed herein.