Loyalty3 restaurant rewards programs boost revenues by bringing customers back more often and spending more on each visit.


Restaurant loyalty solution

Loyalty3 is loyalty programs for restaurants. Customer loyalty program design, strategy and POS integration via leading restaurant loyalty app and restaurant loyalty cards.

Loyalty3 helps multi-store and multi-concept restaurant chains make more money from existing customers. Loyalty3 automatically analyzes your customer’s behavior on a daily basis, grants custom rewards and triggers personalized messages driving your customers back, increasing their frequency of visit, and boosting their spending.

Loyalty3 has everything you need for running a successful loyalty program: Mobile App + POS Interface + Rewards + Direct Marketing + Customer Analytics + Reporting Tools. Loyalty3 will customize your program with your own brand, identity and business rules. Seamlessly integrating to your existing POS system while providing intuitive mobile apps.

Restaurant Loyalty

A loyalty program for restaurants… born and raised in the restaurant industry. Loyalty3 drives sales from increased customer retention, frequency and spending per visit.

Loyalty Card for Restaurants

A restaurant rewards program, automatically thinking, communicating and rewarding your customers. All day. Every day.

Loyalty Program for Restaurant

Loyalty3 is a restaurant loyalty program that pays for itself while making your customers happier. Loyalty3 typically delivers 200% – 300% ROI in just 12 months.


Restaurant Loyalty Software
Restaurant Loyalty Software
Restaurant Loyalty Software
Restaurant Loyalty Software
restaurant loyalty solutions

Mobile Apps? Loyalty3 offers robust white-label apps and fully native development. Apps can be available as tier based programs and multi-concept. Loyalty3 mobile apps remove the onus from servers / cashiers, providing your customers direct control. Members can scan their receipts to earn points & rewards and redeem loyalty cards and gift cards right from the app. Loyalty3 also specializes in custom projects and 3rd party integrations.

Loyalty3 is the ultimate loyalty machine for restaurant chains.